Credit or debit card payment 

We recommend that you process a £1.50 test payment using your own credit- or debit card. This payment simply ensures everything is set up correctly and tells our systems your account is ready to go. You can of course refund your payment as soon as you've charged your card. 

If the payment is successfully processed the SmartTrade App will let you know immediately and you're officially ready and primed to take your first payment from a customer. There's no need to wait until the test payment has been refunded or deposited.

Credit or debit card payment 

To familiarise yourself with the new Pay by Bank technology we also recommend that you trial a £1.50 payment yourself by executing a Pay by Bank payment, directing it to your own mobile telephone number, for which a text with a link to the mobile banking app will arrive. It is easy to download Pingit (even if you do not have a Barclays Bank account) until such time as your own mobile banking app is activated with Pay by Bank. By processing a payment, you will be in a better position to explain the new technology and benefits to your customer.


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