When adding a new team member, you will have to log in to your online dashboard where you have your team management capabilities. Simply select "Members" from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of your screen


and select the "Add Members." 


Member Information

You will see a screen asking you to enter the new member's name and email address where they will receive an invitation to join your team.


You will also see Privilege and Jobs. This is what they mean:


This is to set the level of access your new member will have. A Member will only have access and view of their own account. An Admin will have access to edit and view everything in your account from all members, but will not have access to billing. The Owner will have access to everything and ability to change and edit any details. 


As an added optional security feature for you, there is an option to limit the amount of time your team can see their future jobs. This is simply for you to prevent filling up a 3-month schedule, only to find out your team member has left with the client list of jobs and attempts to complete them by himself, holding on to all the payments. 

The invitation to your member

Your member this email to the email address you entered: 


From here, all they need to do is accept your invitation and enter a password for their account and they're all set to take payments on your behalf.

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