When signing up to SmartTrade App you will be asked to upload ID and a recent utility bill or bank statement. If you have these to hand when you are signing up to SmartTrade you can upload these during your signup process by following the outlined steps and uploading a picture of each document. 

If you don't have these documents with you during your signup process you can skip this step and upload them at a later time. However, please note you will not be able to receive a payout until have successfully uploaded both documents. 

Identity verification

Photo ID: An identity document like a passport or driving licence which includes a photograph of you. 

Utility bill: A utility bill or bank statement from the past 3 months showing proof of address. As many of you will have paperless utility and bank accounts, please login to such an account and download your latest bill or statement. 

You Photo ID documents can be photographed with your computer or SmartPhone and uploaded simply into the Sign Up form by pressing the Upload File button and navigating to the correct place where the files are stored.

If you have this readily available, you'll be up and running with SmartTrade App in no time. If you want to continue and upload this at a later date then you can "Skip this Step" but no payments will be received into your bank account until these documents have been provided so we would strongly recommend uploading at this stage.

Why do we need it

The documents are for our Payment Providers, Wirecard and Stripe, to identify you as the rightful owner of the business and account. They take the documents through their compliance process known as "Know Your Customer" (KYC). While they verify the documents you can take all the payments you want, you will just have to wait until your verification has been confirmed until you receive your first payout. 

Handling merchants' funds is not something we take lightly. We work every day to protect the merchants and their customers. Verifying proof of address (POA) and ID greatly helps us avoid fraud. Not to mention, once you've successfully been identified once, we'll never ask you to do it again. 

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