What is a Payment Provider?

SmartTrade App is a "Payment Service Provider" (PSP), which means we provide you with the ability to accept payments. Our technology allows you the flexibility to take payments with software alone. However, once you accept a payment, we are not the company which actually processes the payment. This is done by what's called an Acquirer or Payment Provider. 

The Payment Provider is the company who processes all payments from your customers and sees to fraud protection and makes sure you as a merchant gets paid the right amount to your account in a timely manner. 

This page informs you of your Payment Provider being Wirecard and outlines the rates that you will receive from this Payment Provider that process the debit and credit card payments along with the Pay by Bank app payments within the SmartTrade app.

Wirecard Terms and Conditions

Agreement to Terms and Conditions: In order to successfully sign up to SmartTrade and the associated Payment Provider, Wirecard, it is necessary to click on "I hereby agree to the Wirecard Terms and Conditions as well as the costs detailed above".

In this page you have the opportunity to view the Terms and Conditions by clicking on the link.

Complete Sign up: Press the button and the process should be complete.

In the event there are any error messages that appear (e.g. from any incomplete or invalid inputs) then please contact Support who will resolve this as soon as possible. If you have any questions about any part of the signup process or the information we collect, we hope you'll get in touch via our chat, phones or by writing to support@smarttradeapp.com


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