Taking a Pay by Bank app payment

Taking a payment with Pay by Bank app is done going through the same steps as when you are processing a card payment. In your mobile application, start by going through the steps for taking a payment for a job. Now when you choose which payment method you want to accept from your customer, you will see a new method called "Pay by Bank App."


Once you've selected this option, you can either manually enter your customer's mobile number, or you can add an existing customer if you already have them set up in your system.


A payment request is then sent via SMS text to the customer which will be valid for 4 minutes, for security reasons, and you can monitor the time that they have left to confirm the payment on your phone.


If you input the incorrect amount or customer it is simple to cancel by pressing at any time the Cancel Payment Request button at the bottom of the screen. 


Your customer will receive the SMS text containing a link they'll have to press which will automatically take them to a mobile banking app on their phone, which is eligible for Pay by Bank app. From there they will see the amount and details of the payment, which they have to confirm.

If for any reason the customer does not receive the payment confirmation screen on their mobile banking app then they can select Pay by Bank directly on their mobile banking app (e.g. illustrated below for Pingit) 


and input the 6 letter code that is on your phone screen (e.g. CCPTDS).


You will be notified immediately when they've processed the payment.

Bear in mind, for security reasons your customer only has 4 minutes to complete the payment. If they do not make the payment within this time, you will have to send them a new link.

If the customer does not have the required mobile banking app on their telephone simply return to the payment option screen (above) and select an alternative (e.g. Debit/Credit card).

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