Using employees' smartphones for taking company payments

The simplicity of the SmartTrade app is that you can harness the Smartphones of the employees or associates in your company to take payments on behalf of the company (and company bank account) without the need for multiple and expensive terminals.

This is a significant saving which scales for size of company given that the Team subscription plan is paid per team as opposed to each member of the team. 

It is possible to invite members by email to the Team plan, and these need not necessarily be company employees which opens up the use of the app by charities for fund raising activities and for any events (e.g. Christmas fairs or stalls) run by one organisation (e.g. church, school etc.).

There are different members privileges so that different access rights can be granted, and there is no risk to payments as the members can only receive payments for the official bank account that has been assigned to the Team account.









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