When you've added a member to your team it means they will be able to add jobs, customer and accept payments on your behalf. When adding a member you need to be in your online dashboard.

Online Dashboard

Go to the drop-down menu in the upper, right corner of your screen and select "Members"


You'll be guided to your Members page where you can see how many members you have and how many members your plan allows you to add. When adding more, click the green "Add Member" button in the upper right corner.


In your next screen you need to add the following information

- Name

- Email for where to send the member's invitation

- The privilege this member should have

  1. Member - only access too their own jobs, customer and payments with no administrative to account settings, plans or billing
  2. Administrator - full access, can add and remove members, but has no access to billing
  3. Owner - same access as administrator, but with full access to billing and plan details

- How long before a job the job is revealed to the person or team executing the job

This is a simple, yet effective safety feature built to avoid anyone seeing a full list of jobs and customers weeks in advance, then taking these jobs, starting their own practice and billing your leads as their own.


When you invite your member, they will receive this email telling them who the invitation has come from and a link to join your team.


When they click "Join" all they have to do is enter a password they want to use to log in and they'll be all set and ready to start taking payments which will all end up in your bank account. Members are in no way able to change or edit the bank account the money will be deposited to.

What if someone is a member of more than one team?

Not a problem. You can be in as many teams/companies as you'd like. As long as the member invitations are sent to the same email address, the person in multiple teams will quickly be able to toggle between teams in their app or online dashboard. 


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